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Rourke Weaver

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Recovery Consultant

Rourke Weaver is the Executive Director at Spero Recovery. Before joining Spero, Rourke spent three years at Red Rock Recovery Center as the Director of Business Development. While at Red Rock Recovery, he was instrumental in transforming a newly created program into one of the most trusted programs in Colorado. Prior to that experience, Rourke worked in the recovery support services field with Phoenix Multisport where he ran programming, opened chapters in Colorado and across the nation, led events, and started his advocacy work. This experience led him to form a deep passion for the power of community and the need for greater focus on building stronger bridges into recovery.

Being an advocate for treatment, recovery, and recovery support services, Rourke continues to engage in the discussion around substance use disorder, recently helping to pass legislation and organize stakeholders to fight for better regulation and funding for both treatment and recovery. Rourke has sat on several boards, including the Attorney General Appointed Co-Chair of the Recover Ready Colorado work group, tasked with presenting the Recovery Strategic plan for Colorado. He is the Board President of Colorado Recovery Residencies, Colorado Professional Liaison Association (Leadership committee), and a member of the Colorado Providers Association.

Rourke continues to have a deep passion for programming and working with those in or seeking recovery. Through personal experience, Rourke strives to create meaningful relationships with everyone he works with. He truly enjoys the process of building a strong community, a meaningful vision of the future, and honest connections that become the lasting pillars for long-term recovery.

In his free time, Rourke is an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, mountain bikes, and enjoys time with his wonderful family and friends.

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Working for more than 12 years in the field of addiction, my goal is to work with men to collaboratively find their journey of long-term recovery from substance use disorder and help them embrace that new lifestyle to its fullest extent.

My goal is to serve as a role model, mentor, advocate, and motivator to recovering individuals to help prevent relapse and promote long-term recovery. I do this through my own personal recovery experiences and by developing an authentic peer-to-peer relationship where we can speak freely with one another and work together to find solutions to the challenges men face.

By adopting a new perspective, we are in less danger of making decisions out of frustration, fear, and resentment and instead approach life through patience, compassion, and wisdom. My great joy in life is bearing witness to a person finding that stoke for life where before there was none. We do not get there alone. My goal is to be the bridge to the desired lifestyle by providing weekly support, accountability, and help navigating resources.

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Rourke Weaver, Recovery Consultant
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