Support For Individuals

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We counsel substance addictions as well as sex, love and porn addiction.
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Anxiety & Depression

We offer anxiety & depression counseling
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Support Groups & Life Transition

We offer many types of support groups as well as transition counseling.

Welcome to South Platte Counseling!

You can move in a new direction.

People often have a gap between where they are and where they want to be. As your therapists, we will work with you to help fill that gap so you can create the life you really want. Since there is no one theory or approach that’s appropriate for everyone, you’ll receive a tailored therapy or coaching experience that is right for you and the issues you’re facing.

Here at South Platte Counseling, we believe that you have the answers to your questions and issues within yourself and our role is to help you unveil these answers. We want to help you work on issues related to life transitions, substance abuse and addiction, trauma, bullying, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, mental illness and life coaching. We are happy to work with you in our Englewood, Colorado office for in-person counseling or if you prefer, state of the art video counseling, or phone counseling.

People we’ve worked with describe us as authentic, sincere and compassionate. From our own experiences and the experiences of those with whom we’ve worked, we understand what suffering and struggle mean, and how debilitating they can be. We want to help you work through your issues so you can begin to live a more meaningful, satisfying and balanced life.

We are a PROUD Supporter of Halston’s Hope Foundation!

Halston’s Hope Foundation understands that mental illness impacts the whole family. Their vision is to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and raise awareness with mental health issues. They provide help and hope by offering scholarships to young adults impacted by anxiety, depression, abuse, neglect, or other emotional hardships and who are interested in the animal service industry.




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