The Art of Therapy: Life Transitions & Experiences

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May 30, 2021

A Look Into The Mindful Counseling Practice of Troy Robey

When we think of life transitions, significant milestones come to mind—graduating from school, getting a new job, even buying a first home.  These are all fantastic things, and they should be celebrated.  But we know with life’s ups, there are downs.  The good with the bad, the rough with the smooth.  It seems we can’t have one without the other, and as much as we might like to sweep these not-so-nice life transitions and experiences under the rug, they’re just as essential to deal with, as well.  

Even though life transitions aren’t all positive, we can learn to successfully navigate the complex and challenging stages of life to learn how to manage and grow personally from these experiences.  Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but, thankfully, we don’t have to muddle through it all on our own.  

Mental health isn’t something that has to be hidden in the shadows of our lives anymore, and it doesn’t need to be only sought out at our darkest and most trying moments.  It’s a management tool to help us accomplish our goals and complement our daily lives through interpersonal process work.  This is where the helpful therapy services of South Platte Counseling and the exceptional guidance of Troy Robey come in.  

Troy believes counseling is an opportunity to be sincerely listened to, and most importantly, to be understood.  As a therapist, he creates a secure and caring environment where we can feel safe expressing our entire spectrum of emotions.  Troy builds a good foundation with every client right from the beginning with every triumph or tribulation shared in confidence.

Troy allows the time it takes for a person to relax and open up when they feel the time is right.  Therapy isn’t always easy, and at times, we may not even know certain things are an issue until it comes up later.  He won’t push you into a situation you’re not comfortable discussing and seeks to build a rapport of trust and emotional safety.  

Let’s take a look at a very common scenario why someone would seek out counseling – divorce.  Half of all marriages come to an end this way, and even ending things on the most civil of terms is still devastating to deal with and process.  But, if you’ve been through it, know someone who has, or is currently going through it – not all divorces are amicable.  Perhaps there was emotional neglect, physical abuse, infidelity, or something else; every situation is different.  Divorce is a very common life experience, and there’s no road map on how to traverse the unknowns that will surely come.  Life has been turned upside down and has to start all over again, somehow.  How do we learn to handle the grieving process that comes with the end of a relationship?  How do we love ourselves through it and also learn to trust and be able to love again?  How do we grieve the loss of a loved one who is still alive?

Going through a traumatic experience like this is incredibly difficult and is not easy to work through or move past.  Perhaps we buy things to make ourselves feel better or drink more than “just socially” to numb our emotional pain.  Whatever it is, it happens to the best of us.  At first, distraction feels better than dealing with the situation.  The critical takeaway is to experience grief and not get stuck there.  

Troy is very mindful of his clients and emphasizes there is unconditionally no judgment in the process of your healing.  He understands the grieving/management process of trauma is a personal one, and the time it takes for emotional rehabilitation is a unique journey.  Troy understands everyone has their individual needs in the present moment, and the time it takes to heal is their own.  He allows you to take the time needed to build a full coverage foundation of trust and ease into the gentle counseling environment as you better yourself through your therapy sessions.

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Although Troy has an extensive background and a master’s degree in counseling psychology, he doesn’t always sit with a notepad and pen, like some more traditional marriage and family therapists.  He believes in mindfulness meditation to help bring a sense of serenity and calm to an otherwise tumultuous time.  He’s happy to help create a schedule of your own types of meditation techniques to help you better manage everything life brings your way.  Troy finds this addition to his practice not only helps his clients immensely, but it helps him build deep and meaningful relationships with his clients.  

With everything life can throw our way, Troy truly wants to help everyone find meaning in every situation and allow us to come out better on the other side of trauma and transitions.  The various phases of life can give us emotional whiplash in a sense, and he’s here to share valuable guidance every step of the way.  Even if you are currently experiencing more than one life crisis, Troy will help you find the best community resources. His diverse counseling techniques and various forms of meditation practices will always ensure you are moving in the right direction.  Troy is always focused on what’s most important during your sessions – you

While Troy is a licensed professional counselor candidate, he also expands and continues his education to better serve his clients and community.  He has been working towards opening his practice to sexual activity counseling and is striving to break the stigma of this still sometimes taboo topic and move the conversation to the forefront and out of the shadows of perceived societal stigma.  This field of work ranges from sex addiction to sexual anorexia and everything in between.  Troy makes sure it’s completely safe to talk about this, or anything, within the privacy of your sessions. 

 Before joining South Platte Counseling, Troy came from leading a family caregiver support group for six years and managing a homeless shelter for nearly two years.  People experiencing homelessness have a higher rate of mental health issues, which allowed Troy to expand his warmth and compassion for everyone he serves.  He has dealt with practically every subject you could think of and brings his incredible knowledge and depth of experience to those in need.  Troy is adept at managing it all with care and empathy, from immediate crisis care to grief and loss, abusive relationships, quarter-life crisis, or sexual addictions.  Life can be tough to deal with alone, and even asking for help can be challenging, but you can rely on Troy to answer the call. 

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Remember, you don’t have to go it alone.  Asking for help is the hardest yet most personally rewarding step.  There’s nothing so big that can’t be dealt with, and we can’t put a price on mental health – it’s the best gift we can give ourselves.  Troy is here to help.

Click HERE to schedule an appointment or call 720-709-2249 to set up your free consultation with Troy today, or to learn even more about him, go to Troy Robey | South Platte Counseling

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