Jen Yeater

September 1, 2021


Teen, Young Adult, and Family Counselor 

Jen Yeater’s journey into being a highly skilled youth therapist blossomed when she stumbled into psychology in college.  During her time at the University of Northern Colorado, she majored in history and dipped her toe into a few psychology courses along the way.  Jen loved the in-demand art of sharing her knowledge with others and decided to expand her education and become a teacher.  

Under her teaching credentials of “social studies,” Jen was allowed to teach everything from Economics to Psychology.  After teaching History for a year and a half, Jen was asked to transition and teach psychology.  This simple question to change subjects would set Jen on a surprising and gratifying life path, as luck would have it.  As a result of the last 13 years she’s been teaching psychology to her high school students, she decided to go back to school to achieve her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. However, her main focus is adolescent counseling.

Jen would say it was a situation of “your profession choosing you.”  Teaching psychology and working with youths engage in the subject matter was not only rewarding, but her students found her easy and comforting to talk to. As a result, Jen thought she would transition out of teaching and focus on helping teens and young adults struggling with mental health issues in her growing private therapy practice.  However, she loved both so much she decided to continue teaching while providing individual young adult counseling sessions in the afternoon and evenings because she enjoys being of service to her community. 

 Jen’s alternative counseling hours benefit her patients because they don’t have to skip school or work for their individual therapy appointments. In addition, she offers telehealth therapy appointments exclusively to better suit her client’s convenience and schedules.

As a Marriage and Family counselor, Jen’s skillfully qualified and well equipped to see couples, individuals, families, children, and adolescents. She’s trained from a lens of systemic perspective, which means she looks at her client’s whole and complete background and issues.  In therapy, you’re not just an individual with a single dilemma but rather the product of your environment.  It’s through this thorough lens that Jen looks at the complete picture and areas of your life and approaches her counseling sessions from this empathetic perspective.  

Jen is a highly skilled therapist, but her main client focus is teens and young adult therapy from ages 13-26.  From her work with teens for the last 15 years, counseling adolescents has given Jen immense insight, experience, and expertise on how to best approach individual counseling and engage in mental health conversations with those who may have difficulty opening up and stepping out of their comfort zones. As a result, she has a warm and open style that makes conversations more comfortable and can lead to deeper-meaning dialog instead of merely surface-level chats that sometimes happen in teen counseling.  Jen loves that now more than ever, young people are more willing to speak up and are becoming more comfortable with their personal growth and advocating for themselves by saying, “I need help. Something isn’t right, and I need support.”  Breaking down these barriers of emotional growth can be difficult for some family members, but Jen is here to help with family therapy as well.

 Jen’s teen therapy counseling services utilize many types of therapy techniques. She wants everyone she works with to feel stronger, more emotionally mature, become more confident in themselves, and learn to accept the things they’ve gone through.  She strives for each person she sees to feel secure enough to do the work needed to grow emotionally and personally.  Jen’s goal for everyone she sees is to find balance and understanding that not everything has to be perfect, and you can still take control of yourself and the things that are going on in your life. Jen believes everyone deserves support and can find some relief in their feelings. 

Jen Yeater is a highly skilled adolescent therapist. She enjoys working with family systems and youths and is eager to help you or your teen navigate emotional development and the dilemmas you may be facing. So, if you’re looking for a great family therapist, give Jen a call today.

Learn more about Jen by clicking HERE or give Jen a call at South Platte Counseling to schedule your appointment today – 303-532-4476

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