Grief Counseling

November 12, 2021

The compassionate bereavement care practice of Jenny Robbins

Registered Psychotherapist, MA, LPCC, NCC, CBC

Grief is full of contradictions.  It’s something that eventually comes for all of us, and no one will be immune from it at some point in their lives.  And for something so universal, the grief we experience and carry with us is so uniquely our own.    

For something that is as commonly shared as grief, it seems as if no one knows how to talk about it.  With a loss so profound, are there even right words?  

Society would make us feel like we should be over this in seven to 10 business days. There are the ceremonies we go through when we lose a loved one.  The gathering of family, the wake, the funeral or cremation, and the repast (reception).   Everything we “should” do.  Then what?  Everyone else gets to go back to their lives, but our lives will never be the same again.  We are left with a refrigerator full of casseroles and a heart aching with anguish and emptiness.  What do we do when we feel so lost and the days keep coming?


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Once grief enters our lives, like it or not, it’s there to stay.  There is no outrunning it or ignoring it, try as we might.  It will be there, day after day.  It is our continual companion, and it’s in this time we must learn how to carry our grief – to accept that this is our new “normal” and re-learn how to live our lives in this heavy-hearted and emotionally unfamiliar place. 

 Grief and bereavement counseling might be pushed to the back of the psychotherapy closet because these topics are often so difficult to talk about. Still, it’s such an essential aspect of therapy and healing. 

When we are lost in the profound depth of our pain and sadness, counselors like Jenny Robbins help us find our way.  

Jenny Robbins is a certified provider of compassionate bereavement care and is uniquely qualified to help her clients understand and learn the language of loss as she is a bereaved mom. 

After losing her son over nine years ago, Jenny sought out her own grief counseling through sessions with her bereavement therapist, groups, retreats, reading, and training to learn how to carry this immense loss herself.  She went back to school four years ago to become a compassionate bereavement care counselor because her grief counselor was instrumental in her healing after her son’s passing.  


In Jenny’s counseling practice, her approach is mindfulness-based, so those struggling with loss can learn how to be in the wilderness of their emotions.  She understands that sometimes the most terrifying thought is to be “in the quiet of our feelings.” Yet, she knows from experience that we can tolerate those feelings, and in fact, we actually need them to heal.  We need to know ourselves, and we can face whatever needs to be faced – slowly and together.  

Jenny genuinely understands that it sometimes feels almost overwhelming and unbearable to move towards grief, but we can build the muscle for carrying it through working together.  Through her help and guidance, we can learn how to carry and live with our grief so it doesn’t feel so heavy.

Healing is on an individual timeline.  This is not rushed work and can be as fast or as slow as you want it to be.  Jenny lets her clients take the lead on what they are ready for.  Nothing is off the table to talk about, and everything is valid.  She is there to bear witness to, be present, and walk alongside someone who is grieving and help them carry all of it.  

Jenny’s goal for her clients is to help each of them learn to navigate and manage the grief and depression of their loss, just as someone did for her.  She’s been there, which allows her to be there for you.

If you’ve experienced a profound or traumatic loss like a death, suicide, overdose, loss of a child or spouse, Jenny is here to help.  Through her sage guidance, we can learn how to carry our grief throughout our lives as we carry our love and connection to the person we lost.  

To schedule with Jenny Robbins, please contact South Platte Counseling at (833) 387-1020.

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